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Lew Rockwell

Comments put this into context - if you haven't read them - you should.

This is a stupid argument for the community to be having. Sorry to tell ya Ron Paul is not a G-d, Demi- god, or other immortal. He is just a man, albeit an extremely rare and honorable man.

If you're not personally familar with first hand knowledge of Ron's side of the story...piss off. This pathetic in fighting is sending warm fuzzys to the status que. turns out the liberty people are simply just "Leeple" and easier to manipulate than even the sheeple.

Even though the leeple have 30+ years of selfless service in the name of freedom, couple of one sided stories in our standard prop rags, by usually known lying authors, and this turns the movement on its own and on the standard bearer who stood alone for most of those 30 years.

The man who gives the money from his books to an economic eduction foundation, who didn't take any of the retirement or handouts outside of his paycheck from his time in congress is trying to "squeeze" someone for money?!

Pathetic, and sad.

Good luck, you all are gonna need luck cause your easily spin into worthless endeavors that will bring you not.


Liberty = Responsibility