Comment: I don't think it will take long

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I don't think it will take long

Fame has it's advantages as in speeding up legal processes because people are watching. Reading the complaint, RON PAUL hired a firm to go after the domain names. The original price appears to me to reflect 6 years of work.. They paid $24K for the name.. $50K is an insult.

It's not Lew, it is a internet law firm representing RON PAUL

RON PAUL is paying a net law firm to FORCE the owners into giving him the site because it's got his FAMOUS name, like Hillary Clinton and Julia Roberts, who is mentioned.. he's using precident.. Ron Paul teaches us that using precident is how we lost our way from the constitution. So what the real shame is, that instead of attempting to deal with grassroots, who have done a nice job with the web page, and have items for sale.. RON PAUL is saying they did this is bad faith, and that's apparently not true.

I've moved onto Rand Paul.. doubt I'll ever visit RON PAUL once he's got it, and it's a real shame he went there, except, makes Rand's case of working with what you got, going along to get along stronger. Happy Valentines Day ((((((Missy)))))))))