Comment: Is there any reason we can't have a big DP party?

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Is there any reason we can't have a big DP party?

Think about it, Michael. Maybe put some feelers out there and ask the community how many would be willing to make the trip for a gathering like that. Maybe a weekend in MA where you could rent a hall and reserve a bunch of hotel rooms. You never know how many of us could come up with the funds for something like that, unless a plan is presented to us.

It could even be tied in with a DP fundraiser for the site. It doesn't have to be anything elaborate. Sandwiches and beer, pizza and beer, or in my case, milk chocolates and good coffee.

Heck, it might be possible to do a dozen locations around the country on the same weekend, just so DPers could actually meet each other in their neck of the woods and have a great time together. Great way to organize for political support for good candidates, and help out DPers who are running for local offices, too.

Just a dream or can it be done?

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