Comment: Can we pin "troll" tags on each other?

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Can we pin "troll" tags on each other?

Seriously, there would be so many alphabet soup agents wasting taxpayer money partying with us... I don't know if good libertarians can support that kind of idea... ;)
OK, seriously now... The group of us "hippies" that used to hang out spanned several "classes" so we called our own reunion once - about 25 years after we went our separate ways, although that sort of happens over years not on a day, like graduation. It started off just to be 5 of us girls that used to live in the same little town, and turned into about 30 people - it was a blast. Everyone knew everyone, we had hung out together for YEARS. They actually sent an undercover guy in... it was SO FUNNY! He spent the whole night walking from one table to the next, getting into conversations and then saying "You know what would make this party fun? If we could smoke a joint." Of course, everyone would just sort of walk away from him at that point... Some would walk out the back door, like we always used to do... funny he did not remember that... Anyway, I just was stunned at how much effort they would put in to trying to bust a few old hippies, and how stupid they are to try to infiltrate a group of people that grew up together. No one even asked "You remember that guy?" We all just laughed at him the minute his back was turned... ALL NIGHT. He spent HOURS getting nowhere. I guess I should thank the taxpayers, we could not have hired better entertainment for the evening.

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