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Just an ounce of gold?

Just an ounce of gold? Sorry, but $1,700 - $1,800 to me and most of the middle class is quite a fortune. I probably don't even have much more than that in assets like computers, electronics, and tools, but those things take time to accumulate and sell if you want to get a good price for them. You can't just go liquidate all of your material assets at full value in an instant. I won't even sit there and wish about getting into gold because even 1/4 oz. is more than a week of pay for me. All of my money goes to food, rent, and bills, and I don't even have a car! When I have extra I put it into silver, which I shouldn't because I soon need a car. I don't even have a place of my own, I just rent a 12'x12' room and I have to deal with living amongst other/insane people.

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