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He just wants the domain name

As someone else explained, due to Google algorithm, is the first link that comes up on a search for Ron Paul. Because the domain is Ron Paul's actual name and it's the first link that comes up, people mistake it for his official website. IOW, people searching for Ron Paul's official website get misdirected to someone else's website and most of them don't know it (even with the little "fan site" disclaimer) because his name and image are all over it. and aren't Ron Paul's name and are not trademarked (unless MN trademarked DailyPaul and I don't know about it). is RP's name and apparently his name is trademarked. Anyone can use Ron Paul's name to attract web traffic, the MSM does it all the time. Can they use his name as an actual domain, make their website all about him, sell stuff with his name & image on the site and try to sell the site to him for hunreds of thousands of dollars? I don't know, that will be settled in the contractual domain dispute arbitration.