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Comment: If you weren't buying gold 10

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If you weren't buying gold 10

If you weren't buying gold 10 years ago then you've missed the train. Unless you are the upper crust of the middle class and higher, it's pointless. What are you going to use the gold to buy? It's fine if you think you will be doing large purchases. For people like farmers or those with large properties to maintain with equipment it might be useful. Normal people will benefit from silver because it ranges from nickels to dollars. You can go buy groceries with it.

With $2,000 I would buy a roll of Silver Eagles (~$700 each), a roll of halves (~$300 each), two rolls of quarters (~$250 each), two rolls of dimes (~$150 each), and maybe a few rolls of 35% war nickels (~$75). You could skip some things to have more left over and then go to the bank and buy a box of halves ($500 + if your bank is a crotch-face and charges a fee) to search for silver ones.

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