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Comment: I actually believed they were good grassroots supporters

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I actually believed they were good grassroots supporters

at first. Then, they put the domain up for sale at over $800K -- for anyone, not just RP or someone friendly to RP. They got no takers and when RP asked them for a price, they threw out the $250,000 figure (again, this figure was the new price for anyone, not just RP, if I understand correctly)...$200K more than the site was worth according to the domain valuation RP supposedly paid someone to do. At that point, I started to question their "good grassroots supporters" status. When RP opted for the contractual domain dispute arbitration, immediately started using the domain to smear him with insult and disinformation (under his own name!) and I lost all respect/sympathy for them.

Putting these people into the category of grassroots supporters is an insult to true grassrots supporters like yourself, Granger.