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Comment: The main problem is..

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The main problem is..

that people fail to understand the big picture. It is imperative to understand the REAL problem so a proper solution can be devised. We sometimes start working on a solution, but we don't realize that our premise is incorrect. For example, there is no such thing as a free "State" - read the legal definition. If people believe that they can attain Freedom through government, then they might as well start counting the grains of sand at the beach - an impossible task. God created man as Sovereign in the world, but still subject to Him. From birth, we are bombarded with lies, and with the passing of time, we believe these lies because we are not taught to behave like a Sovereign - trust no one, research everything and ONLY you are responsible for your well-being! If people take the time to research the State and Federal Constitutions, you will understand that people have been duped into believing that the government has the people's interests at heart - one of the best concealed lies out there! We are already Sovereign, only subject to God, and we don't need anyone to tell us how to live our lives - except for God's Laws that teach us not to murder, steal, lie, etc. We live in a man-made matrix which provides benefits, but people fail to realize that if you receive the benefits, you also need to become their slave. Give Ceasar what is due to Ceasar - if you want to use Ceasar's money and laws, then be prepared to pay the price. Life is not easy - especially when you want to avoid deception. What is happening in the US, and all over the world, is a consequence of apathy and complacency - trusting others to do what is our own responsibility.

To finalize people need to find answers to the following questions in order to begin to understand what is going on:
1. What is the TRUE role of government as established by God
2. What is International Law, its premises, origin and goals.
3. What are the strategies used by International Government to reach its goals?
4. Where does the United States of America fit into the International Legal system?
5. Why are the majority of elected officials (all over the world) part of a Secret Society?
6. What is the impact that Secret Societies have on government and all institutions?
7. Who controls Secret Societies?

May Jesus bless all people who love Truth, Justice and Mercy!