Comment: A quick history lesson for you.

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A quick history lesson for you.

The dailypaul began as a political website. It caught fire, because Nystrom set up this amazing real-time exchange of VITAL information to the political aspect of the battle for liberty. As soon as the election was over, THERE WAS NO MORE POLITICS TO DISCUSS. Traffic died off, people whined about all the "off topic" stuff and the dreaded "off topic" forum was created. But somehow, the site stayed active and relevant until another campaign rolled around, and it started to look a lot like the "old DP" for a while. Then the election was over, and... THERE IS NO MORE POLITICS TO DISCUSS. Now, we can present what is going on in politics, whine about what politicians are doing, etc. But the actual planning of individual races, of spreading names of liberty candidates, of uniting behind a presidential candidate... that is ALL GONE. For another 4 years. If you don't like anything that is not straight political strategy meetings, you are being pretty narrow minded and missing some of the most important information on liberty that is available. See my tagline for further elucidation of that point.
Got your seeds started yet? Quit whining, go spend some time on the gardening threads.

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