Comment: The truth about slavery is

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The truth about slavery is

The truth about slavery is that it has existed from the creation of agriculture. Long before the Southern states rescinded their ratification of the Constitution. Slavery still exists today. The American enslavement of blacks is but an iota of the history of slavery. Slavery was necessary to create enough food back then. We lacked the capital to produce enough food. The capital was eventually invented, and would have been invented sooner had Lincoln not invaded the South and the productive hands not been stolen away from inventing tractors and gins to make guns and cannons.

Historians and politicians paint the South with this brush of evil racist slave owners because they want to instill in people everything they did was out of racism. They want to make the issue of secession so taboo, by linking it to racism, that people will not consider it. Secession is a fundamental right of a free people.

Tom Wood's history classroom lectures with Kevin Gutzman and Brion McClanahan on the US pre 1870 are great on this. $99 well spent. I highly recommend it.