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Sorry people are down voting your comments on my post...I keep up-voting them even though I disagree with some of them cuz I don't like seeing friends get down voted lol

I agree that building and maintaining a website for 6 years is a lot of work...even if it is just cut n' paste articles, ads and paraphernalia sales. But RP doesn't want the website, just the domain. The cost of buying and keeping the domain is well under $50K. They can keep their website and membership list and buy a new more appropriate domain ( for about $10 and still make $26,000 profit. I think any true RP grassroots supporter would take that deal and run!

The problem is comes up as the first link in a Google search and since the domain is also RP's name, people mistake it for his official website (even with the little "fan site" disclaimer) IOW, people searching for his official website are misdirected to someone else's website and they don't realize it because his name and image are all over it...and they know it! Now that they've used the site to abuse him just because he's utilizing the domain dispute arbitration option in the contract THEY AGREED TO, I have to say, I'm all for taking the domain away from them as they've proven that it's already in the wrong hands.

I still prefer Ron to Rand, but I haven't entirely given up hope on the prodigal son :-)

Happy Valentine's day!!!