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Thank you

This is a great post! All the shows can be found by "searching" show name.

On genesis communications network:
Power Hour - Host: Joyce Riley
Alex Jones - Host, A Jones
Radio Liberty - Dr. Stan Montieth

Scott Horton's Radio Show - Host, S. Horton
Jack Blood - don't listen anymore, was tired of Alex Jones bashing non stop. Seemed like a talented guy.
Lew Rockwell Show, podcast - Host L. Rockwell
Charles Goyette and Ron Paul Show - Coming in March.

Old fashioned AM Radio - C2C w/G Noory and others.

Talk Shoe radio site: (These are sovereignty shows)
Creditors, Debtors, Contracts and commerce - Host Brother Tazadaq
Freedom Reigns - Host: Kate and others

You tube channels:
Peter Schiff
Storms Clouds Gathering
Tom Woods TV
and most of the radio shows above have You Tube channels.

Can someone tell me again why anyone would still watch state owned media, let alone actually pay to be lied to, misinformed and distracted.


Liberty = Responsibility