Comment: You are for "taking the domain away"...?

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You are for "taking the domain away"...?

This issue is one of those where our opinion matters not one whit. I am in favor of free markets, up to and including "finders keepers." Ron Paul left that domain up for grabs, due to his own lack of comprehension about how important the internet was. He's a pretty smart cookie, but he is just NOW starting to think he might want his name...? Someone beat him to it, fair and square. He could be thanking his lucky stars that the people were supportive of him and his message, they could have made it a smear site. But then.... my opinion does not matter one whit...
And neither do the down votes. When that thread went up asking what your score was, I played with mine a little. I had never noticed it, was curious how it worked. After a couple days, I decided I had no idea how it works, so stopped watching it again. It would go up and down with no apparent relation to my upvotes and downvotes on comments or threads, and often would make a huge swing when I was not even online all day.

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