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Comment: I don't want to add more fuel to the (non)fire but..

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I don't want to add more fuel to the (non)fire but..

The MSM is having a propaganda field day with this to smear the Liberty movement.

At the beginning i was shocked. But since it, a well known establishment media, i decided to investigate this further by reading the boring pdf of the complaint.

And the truth came out afterwards as who is lying here. The article states that Ron Paul wants the website and the mailing list. This is absolutely NOT TRUE.
He only wants and names.
Ron Paul has his name trade marked, I suppose because he published his first book back on 1982 so thats a normal thing to do just to protect yourself from someone using ur trademark for profit.

Another lie, and here I do not know who is lying: the article or the current website owners, is that they never tried to sell the domain names to Ron Paul for $848k or $250k and that they tried to give the as a free gift.
So if you read the complaint itself, it clearly states that the guy first tried to sell both and (he owns both addresses) to RonPaul for $848k and then they had an email exchange and the offer dropped to $250k for and would be a free gift.
So the article states a lie....

The complaint clearly states that Ron Paul only wants the addresses since he has a trademark for it and that the current owners are making commercial use of it by selling Ron Paul merchandize that is not coming from ron paul.

As for UN thing, it is not a tribunal but a one member panel and plus, i figure, thats the only jurisdiction u can go to for DNS disputes since internet is global.

I love how the article assumes that readers wont go and investigate the whole thing from the original source. GREAT EXAMPLE OF PROPAGANDA!