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I'd rather

Calmly state any information to the contrary, not, spew rhetoric about to big to fail nonsense. If you haven't noticed there has been a war going on against "justice" for quite some time now and the church has made it no secret that it is complicit in walking men into machine gun fire, for years. Do ya think the money isn't dirty by now even if only due to special interests and thrones? AND DO YOU THINK WE GOT ALL THE bad PRIESTS OUTTA THERE,? Why do these things keep surfacing then? What is the real involvement and obvious masquerading going on with the church and ALL wealth issues? I'd look at information. We better prepare to change some operating belief systems if we wanna avoid a more painful transition out of this entitlement scenario brought about to dissuade us from pulling back the curtain too far. Go Repent, you're used to it.