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Comment: I keep hearing this bullcrap...

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I keep hearing this bullcrap...

...philosophy that you have a duty to protect yourself. No, I don't. I choose not to own a gun because:

1. I don't have an ID, nor do I want one.
2. I don't have enough money to buy one and then go shoot off tons of ammo.
3. I don't wish to submit to a background check and have the government know I am even interested in a gun.
4. I refuse to register my 2nd Amendment.
5. I am not going to walk around with a gun out in the open, so I want to conceal it, which requires yet another line of permission for a fundamental right.
6. I am single and I am going to stay that way as long as the economy is so bad where both spouses must work and as long as there is some feminist force in the world telling women that a job is fulfillment instead of raising children, so I have no loved ones to protect.
7. I don't really care about the few assets I have crammed into the 12'x12' room I rent.
8. I don't really care enough about my own life enough at this point in time to protect it. I "troll" the internet in the effort of pissing off someone enough that they will track me down and kill me. Not really "trolling," I just have my views that seem to go against the trendy grain and I refuse to back down and I show no respect towards someone who went to college in arguments about technical stuff.

Please come join my forum if you're not a trendy and agree with my points of view.