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In one of Ron Paul's speeches from 2007, he specifically thanked and welcomed anarchists... To cheers from the crowd. No one left.

Easing into it and ignoring it are two different things. The solution is also not to leave them in the cave.

I think you underestimate the number of anarchists Ron Paul created, whether intentional or not.

Furthermore, you underestimate how many anarchists were in play in order to cause the trending to Ron Paul initially leading up to 2008. We taught liberty, still do. Every event I attended contained more people of my belief system than yours. We toned it down for bait...

But guess what? Those people who were -taught-, still believe in liberty, while those convinced to only vote for Ron Paul now support whatever Republican is being held up at the moment.

The key difference between our beliefs is that you think a vote matters, but can't prove it. I do not believe a vote matters, I believe education matters, and can prove it.

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