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Our opinions have no influence on how the arbitration settlement goes. Nor are most of us very well informed on rules pertaining to domains. But the comments option is there for us to voice our opinions, well informed or not, influential or not. I agree, upvotes and downvotes are not that important. I guess I just wanted Granger to know that I wasn't down-voting her.

I respect your and Granger's opinions on this, fishy. I just happen to disagree based on what I've already posted. It is a fact that the domain owners agreed to the terms in the contract when they obtained that domain. Therefore, dissing RP as "unlibertarian" or as some kind of monster for utilizing the arbitration option for domain disputes in order to try and obtain a domain that is his name is just wrong (imo).

Ideally, I'd have liked to see RP and reach a settlement privately, but their ideas of reasonable price were obviously very different. That's what contract law and arbitration is all about, helping resolve disputes between parties who can't do so on their own. RP might end up with nothing but legal costs. Maybe he'll be awarded the domain at a price deemed reasonable. Whatever the outcome, we'll have to accept it I guess. I'm assuming ICANN knows established domain rules better than we do, so I don't have a problem with that.