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Morally, it was a petty offense to send a bear to maul children for something so petty that would just slide off anyone with a healthy amount of security (it was Elisha who called out the curse). It's not a good message. What was considered adult was much younger than what we consider adult today. There is no exact age stated in the Bible but very old Jewish customs seem to indicate around 12. I've seen many explanations that try to soften this, but it is what it is. Our views differ on this. You can justify it, I honestly and sincerely can't.

You don't live by the things in the Old Testament (hopefully then you're not one of those who also insists on the Ten Commandments being put up in publicly funded buildings), but you do believe that God is morally infallible. Therefore, whether or not anything in the Old Testament is still in effect or not is irrelevant - all things He commanded should stand the test of common morality at any time and regardless of who it was directed toward. Agreed?

Whether or not beating a slave to death (as long as the slave survives a day or two) is still allowed is irrelevant. Teaching that discriminating against injured or physically deformed people was at one time morally sound, you might feel is ok. Or at one time it was completely moral to slay little babies and children and force virgin girls to be wives (Numbers 31:17-18).

Peter says that all slaves should be subject to their masters with all fear, to the bad and cruel as well as the good and gentle (1 Peter 2:18). This is just an echo of the same slavery commands in the Old Testament. It's really no wonder why so many religious were able to shake their fingers at the abolition of slavery.

Do you teach your daughter that specifically women are to be silent in churches (1 Corinthians 14:34-35)? It is a sin for women to teach or usurp authority over men (1 Timothy 2:11-14)? Mentality like this is no surprise why many religious could oppose women's suffrage. Anyone who marries a divorced woman is living in adultery (Matthew 5:32)? It's morally ok for those in Israel to be executed for cursing their mother or father (Mark 7:10)? If you do, then I commend you for not being a hypocrite.