Comment: I would suggest that pride is the enemy of truth and conscience.

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I would suggest that pride is the enemy of truth and conscience.

I think the biggest obstruction to people finding truth, and the most destructive force to the human race in general, is the "spirit" or "feeling" of pride.I think greed,jealously,hatred,selfishness,dishonesty,injustice and corruption can all be attributed to the spirit of pride.It is pride that makes people reluctant to admit it when they are wrong and basically avoid the truth and their own conscience when it does not fit their chosen"belief system" or "self interest".It is the spirit of pride that makes people do insane things to follow their beloved "group" or "love of themselves".Their "group" may be one that is based on race,religious denomination,nationality, political party or some other chosen "belief system".For example,two elections ago I was planning on voting for Guiliani in the primary until I heard the infamous exchange at the debate between Guiliani and Ron Paul.When Ron Paul suggested we treat other countries as we would like them to treat us it rang true to my conscience.Here was an example where I felt my conscience overcome my feeling of pride and I admitted to myself that I had made a wrong decision and was supporting the wrong person.I supported Ron ever since.But when I look back on my life I can see many wrong things I have done where my pride prevented me from following my conscience.Pride is especially dangerous because most people are not even aware that the spirit of pride exists!Once I became aware of my own pride it made it so much easier to understand why I, as well as others, act,say,think and feel the way we do about so many things.. If this makes sense to you,you might appreciate the video linked at the bottom of this post.