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my novel of a comment! LOL

Good Questions, +1 Thought Provoking!

I agree with you ultimately, but that is under the premise that the Constitution of the united States of America is the supreme law of the states United on the North American continent. However, when service persons (formerly myself included) sign that dotted line, we waive many rights, some knowingly and others unknowingly.

Now, doing so unknowingly does not release you of the liability to uphold that contract. In essence I think this is why you are given a "Title" such as PVT, PFC, LTC, hell probably even President since he is the supreme commander of the United States Armed Forces.

which I have come to believe do not in fact represent the States united by the Constitution, but the corporate entity "United States", defined as District of Columbia, PR, Guam, and whatever land that corporation has purchased since it's inception. It's all in the details of their legalese. Another weird example of this is the flag that you see the United States Army wearing on their uniforms has a "gold fringe" around on the outside of it, my current understanding is that LEGALLY this is not the flag of the united States, which is defined under Title 4 section 1 of USC. Service members believe they represent the states United but the infact represent the United States. I mean, if they aren't wearing the Title 4 flag, who's flag is it? Some claim eisenhower authorized it I guess for use during military court-martials, but either way, executive order or not, it's not the flag defined by the USC.

Anyway signing the contract means you represent this newly formed corporate entity. You have voluntarily given up even more of your sovereignty by accepting the title. I believe this is why they give you the title, so that you sign it, you think that its you, when in fact it is a corporate entity, and thus you become liable for that "Paper" person.

You are not really "PVT John Doe," but by signing it you now represent the corporate entity "PVT John Doe".

I guess what I'm getting at is, ultimately, under the Constitution they do have free speech, but they have also knowingly and/or unknowingly waived that right by signing the contract.

This begs the question to me can a "right" really be waived? How does that work since rights are not "granted" according to the Republic.

--I don't know the answer to that, maybe you understand how waiving a right works, seems odd that anyone would EVER EVER do this, and I have been guilty, as most of as have probably done unknowingly... but this is the nature of their game. We don't realize that by doing these things we accept voluntarily the notion that rights are "granted" the consequence of which is really serfdom/servitude/slavery. BUT is it really slavery if you just volunteered??????? OOPS!
Bottom line I guess, in terms of taking the Oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the united States of America, and then speaking against it would in fact LEGALLY be a breach of contract. Does breach of contract render the contract void?? I don't know that answer either. I'm no expert on any of this, these are just some things I have been thinking about and looking into. Hopefully I don't get too much smack down for writing this, I am open to criticism in these arguments, and am always willing to learn more.
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