Comment: I think i will do the other technique

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I think i will do the other technique

Thers another way hwere u use a round pvc pipe and saw a straight line then shape it with a heat gun. No net pots. just add hydroton. it's a lot less effort. Nothing wrong with your approach looks great just... I'm all for less work!

My dream would be to create a pressed sectional that held 4 pots and then you just slid it along a pvc tube you bought yoruself and get like 32 pots per 8' pole. I might invent that! like the 500 dollar system but way cheaper to make.

my current effort is a solar powered aquaponic system. but I want to run the water from the bed into vertical towers. But since I cant find work in austin I'm probably leaving my house and land and off to a frigid climate to work. sigh.