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Comment: read collapsereport dot com to find out about welfare abuse

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read collapsereport dot com to find out about welfare abuse

There are some pretty horrific programs out there, all done by the states and cities.

The worst is LA's babysitting program that gives each family 1800 a month EXTRA for watching each others children. In reality all the kids run free in packs and each family just uses the extra money on crack.

Another program is unregistered marriages among mexicans where 45 yr old men marry 15 year old girls. girls get welfare and housing and the men live with them yet earn 20,000 a year cutting lawns under the table. Yah its a 80,000 a year lifestyle all funded by our dumb government. Do we have anyone checking for this? nope. Do we have anyone checking for disability fraud. Barely.

Most military people who are in it for a career also abuse their disability programs as well. not the 800 per month federal one but the money rich one. police and firemen do the same. its free retirement at 40 or 50 all paid by you and me.

We spend 60,000 per welfare family and blacks have multiple kids by 18 to qualify for the section 8 housing. its a really sick system.

I believe we should simply give EVErY american who earns less than 30,000 a year 20,000 bucks and be done with it. Every one who earns less than 60,000 should get 15. And every one who earls less than 100 should get 10. Everyone who earns less than 200 should get 5. poof. done. no programs to administer, no thousands of beaurocrats salaries. nothing.