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Comment: Good for Beck. I suggest we

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Good for Beck. I suggest we

Good for Beck. I suggest we praise him for it. Praise the good and you'll hear more of it.

I tend to think of Beck as just a guy who lets out his feelings. I know he's done some awful things to hurt good people like Paul and Medina, but the guy is not some sort of master pupeteer out to utilize some sort of grand strategy to have his ways. He is, rather, like play-dough, always changing with the various pressures. He may not even notice it himself, that his views shift so abruptly; he certainly doesn't acknowledge it, but that's ok. If you've ever listened to Beck it is clear that he works on whims and emotions, I don't think the guy is caniving. I see someone who has, over the years, come closer to reason, not gone further away from it.

Bitterness is for beer.