Comment: Age: 20 yrs old From: PA Job:

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Age: 20 yrs old From: PA Job:

Age: 20 yrs old
From: PA
Job: Currently unemployed
Political history: First time voting I voted GJ for 2012 (even though I don't agree with him as much as I do with Ron Paul, I couldn't vote for obama or romney and I felt writing in a vote wouldn't do much.) In 2008 had I been of age I would have voted obama. 2004 had I been of age I would have voted kerry.
What brought you to Ron Paul?: About a year ago a friend sent me a youtube video of Ron Paul. I watched it and the whole time I kept thinking "holy crap everything this guy is saying is true". From there on I got addicted and watched every Ron Paul video I could find, learned of all the fraud going on in the primaries, and I started reading as much as I could on liberty and all the major issues from the NDAA, to the federal reserve, to austrian vs keynesian economics and everything in between. Since I started reading up on everything I've been hooked. It's kinda like the matrix... take the blue pill, wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe(ignore the truth). Take the red pill and see how deep the rabbit hole goes (find the truth). As disturbing as the situation our country is in if I had to do it over I'd still take the red pill. I don't see any way our country is going to change if the people of America don't wake up. Now I'm doing the best I can to wake people up to liberty... and I have to say, like Ron Paul says... the message of liberty is popular. There's plenty of people tired of the two party system and the illusion of change... we just have to show them the truth and show them another way, once they see it they understand, and once they understand they won't forget. So anyways... that's the end of my rant. I registered on the dailypaul today, however I've been reading the dailypaul everyday for the past year... I hope to be able to wake as many people up to liberty as I can.