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Comment: Some comments are quite sad

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Some comments are quite sad

I find it very telling that this board is supposed to be a place where people can promote liberty and be free to do it in their own ways. It is supposed to promote a libertarian philosophy of government and life. For the most part it does.

But then you have people on here commenting about how much they hate Glenn Beck and that he doesn't matter and that he is a [fill in the expletive].

Why is it so frequent that people have to be reminded that people in a libertarian society should be free to have their own opinions, their own strategies, their own beliefs. Why are so-called libertarians among us ridiculing people for having different beliefs? Why, because they do not understand true libertarianism.

You do not have to agree with Becks ideas, you can think their foolish or stupid or that he is misleading people, but it is no reason to belittle a man, who has in fact delivered many people to libertarianism whether or not you agree with him or his methods. In fact disagreement is no reason to belittle any man or woman or child for that matter.

I used to listen to Beck before the 2008 election. I liked him. I used to listen to Rush but he would agree with Bush so much that he would have to go on the air telling listeners how he actually disagreed with Bush on some things. I was waking up at this point and I turned to Glenn Beck. Beck pointed out some things I hadn't thought of before. I turned toward libertarian thinkers and eventually discovered Ron Paul. I didn't agree with everything Beck said, but he at least seemed genuine in his thought process.

Then came the 2008 primaries and Beck's ridicule of Ron Paul. This really pissed me off because Ron Paul embodied all of the political thought I had in my mind and agreed with much of what Beck was saying. I couldn't understand how Beck could turn his back on a man who seemed to agree with him on so much. I turned Beck off, I didn't call him names or throw a tantrum.

If Glenn Beck is now coming out and saying something you agree with just accept it. Be happy he is agreeing with you and if you are so inclined, thank him and tell him what else he needs to come around too.

Like him or not he has turned people onto the side of liberty and freedom. The hatred that comes from some of you belong in democrat and republican politics, it does not belong here. Here we praise people who have freedom of thought, who change their philosophy to encompass more liberty minded ideas, who persuade people to live and let live, who propose ending aggressive war.

Be glad he changed his tune and be glad that he is making other people come around to our way of thinking.