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Comment: I LOVE that Glen Beck needs to now promote Liberty.

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I LOVE that Glen Beck needs to now promote Liberty.

I LOVE that Glen Beck needs to now promote Liberty. It means we're winning. Welcome aboard.

He'll need to offer people something worth listening to, and I trust in peoples ability to think, judge, and process for themselves. Pandering to Liberty minded people is VERY hard to do when you oppose it. I would be worried if Glen Beck was promoting "freedom" rather than liberty, but if he wants to talk about liberty; bring it on! This should be entertaining if nothing else.

Besides, There are some very good reasons that Glen Beck and many others hate Libertarians, and it has to do with the Anarchists who masquerade as advocates for liberty. They're right to hate some Libertarians, and as you may be figuring out, some Libertarians AREN'T trying to defend liberty. Some are just trying to "break up the US". (You hear me Lew?)

Government does not need to be about "ruling" the people. Living in a just society is not IN ANY WAY antithetical to liberty. Serving justice is ultimately about refusing to let people be ruled. It's about standing opposed to injustice and meeting it with collective force, and it won't be a mugger who'll come to take your liberty. It'll be an army of muggers. Our only hope is to win the debate, and use collective force to serve justice rather than mans covetous nature.

"Freedom, Liberty, and their common defense."

IF Glen Beck wants to be a part of that, so be it. Better him than somebody talking about Reptoids and Anarchism.