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Comment: Or is the child a laboratory animal?

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Or is the child a laboratory animal? "Likewise, Block proposes that medical experimenters can treat the embryos they have in their possession as laboratory "animals", as is their desire, contingent on only one stipulation: that no one else wishes to raise these very young infants on their own. If there are adoptive parents who wish to homestead the right to care for the children, their rights trump those of the ceators of the fertalized egg since the former wishes to protect the child from harm, while the latter does not."

That almost sounds like a horror movie from the 50's/60's. I can hardly believe that a man named Block thinks it is ok to treat human life like a laboratory animal with the stipulation that no one else wishes to raise the very young infants.

With that logic you might as well say, if no one else wishes to protect Iraq then the US can do as it pleasess/sarc