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Comment: There are some indicators in what you've

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There are some indicators in what you've

presented here that it seems they are being prudent to start pursuing what it is they can do to put some boundaries between themselves and the communication and interactions you have with them.

You have announced you intend to force them to do something. You are equating them not doing what you want with those who threaten you while at the same time putting a huge amount of effort into forcing them to hear you. These things should give them reason to at least wonder if they are dealing with a blame-shifting, obsessive personality that considers whatever is done in retaliation or in an attempt to force an outcome to be justified. This may or may not be true of you, but I don't see why the burden should be on them to wait around and find out whether it is. They should act early and not engage since, from their perspective, engaging a potential fixation would feed it and make preventing unwanted interaction more difficult later.

And you have indicated you intend to escalate what you are currently doing so it seems that you should expect them to pursue a restraining order at minimum. They shouldn't have to wait around for you to escalate in order to fortify their boundaries. If they have expressed to you that they want you to stop communicating with them, I hope you can see that honoring those boundaries is an option you can take without the need for them to be the ones who fortify those boundaries.

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