Comment: How many cheered when they got "bin Laden?"

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How many cheered when they got "bin Laden?"

I did not. Aside from the fact that bin Laden had end-stage kidney disease and was receiving dialysis on 9-10-01 and could not possibly have lived for ten years living in caves... Just pretending that was actually Osama bin Laden they killed, he was still supposed to be tired and sentenced. That is the difference between "Rule of Law" and "Terrorism."
When they dragged Gaddafi into the street and executed him "Hollywood style" I did not cheer. I was appalled that the "Leaders of the Free World" were "Spreading Democracy" by executing leaders of sovereign nations without use of any courts. At least Saddam Hussein got his day in kangaroo court.
This man tried to use "the system" to bring changes to a famously corrupt police department. He had no hostages. They held him in a burning house with a hail of bullets to silence him, lest he reveal any more about their corruption. A huge gang of VIOLENT THUGS armed to the teeth against one man who called out their corruption. I don't think it is at all OK that he murdered people, he needed to be "brought to justice" for that, as the saying goes. What he got was not justice. He got silenced, just like any Mafia or street gang would silence any canary.
He deserved his day in court. To not believe he did is to surrender your own right to your day in court. It is either the law for all of us, or it is the law for none of us.
Oh, and great clip. How apropos.

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