Comment: Like Ben Franklins: Join or Die

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Like Ben Franklins: Join or Die

At sometime in the future we will have to put all our differences aside and unite for liberty. If that's in rand, and if we are givin a real chance next time, I would encourage everyone to consider supporting him, even if his endorcement upset you. At the moment(and subject to change) he is our best GoP option imo.

The way he speaks is with authority, like that which blew up over Clinton(I would have relieved you). Mainstream media listeners(sheeple) will learn to trust him because of the way he speaks. Truth is truth regardless of who says it. Actions are what's important and so far his fame is giving us the best chance.

I see people arguing over anarchy vs limited gov all the time on here, but that means nothing if we don't have a nation to rebuild.