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Sure he did

First off, those he murdered had that same right and he acted a judge, jury and executioner.
Secondly, he did want his right to trial. He waived it when he murdered the San Bernadino Deputy and barricaded himself in the cabin and made no effort to demand his right to trial. All he had to do is negotiate his surrender, instead he continued to try and kill.

Remember, this thing started when he was not happy with the results of his internal investigation and defaulted any appeal to our judicial system. He took matters into his own hands and left his fate to the court of public opinion. I intend to make sure he is guilty in the forum of his choice.

So let get this straight, if this man had grievance against you and murdered your daughter and threatened your neighbors claiming the whole time he will no0t go down alive you would risk your life to safely detain this man to protect HIS rights to justice.

Any free man with your theories was free to go save this mans life, most elected to judge from the safety of their homes, daughter alive and family safe........