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Comment: How Do We Support Without Having Entanglements?

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How Do We Support Without Having Entanglements?

At the end of the show, he makes several key questions. Key for him, not libertarians.

1) How Do We Support Without Having Entanglements?
2) How do you convince libertarians to...go slow, not call for liberty now?
3) Who is going to win, the Karl Roves, John McCains and Lindsey Grahams or the liberty movement?
4) And how do we bring them (libertarians) in?

Those 3 questions reveal that GB is no libertarian.

1) We don't support Israel. We stop. And most of all we Stop FAST because their country was a UN created country, a theocracy justified country and most of all country that practices religious ethnic cleansing via its apartheid policies.

2) To BE a libertarian means you are a person who is calling for liberty "now", not later, not next year or in ten years... We demand our freedom now. We want the income tax to end NOW. Liberty is NOW, Liberty delayed is freedom denied.

3) They are going to win because they are tied into the 7 institutions of Oligarchical power. We have a "Oligarchical dictatorship" or "Dictators of the Round Table", it just has 7 seats around the table. Here are the 7 seats of the American Dictatorship.

1. The President of the USA
2. The Secretary of Defense
3. The Secretary of State
4. The Atty General
5. The Head of the FBI
6. The Head of the CIA
7. The Head of the World Bank

4) Bring them in? We walked in. And we will stay inside because we have seen 40 years of wilderness in the LP. We realize now, hopefully, that infiltration of the 2-party duopoly is the only way to muck with the system.

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