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I don't think they are scared at all. The same thing was said about Ron Paul and look where that got him. They have a handle on who even gets to be the representative of the two controlled parties and they simply will not let it happen. When everyone was talking about Ron Paul winning Iowa many Republicans in power positions flat out said "Ron Paul can't win." Some people took that to mean that person thought there was absolutely no way Ron Paul would get enough national votes to win the primary, and we were going to show them they were wrong. But I don't think that's what many of them meant, they really meant that Ron Paul could not win, it wouldn't be allowed, whatever had to be done to assure he wouldn't win would be done. Make sure he doesn't get media time unless it is negative, devote party resources to challengers, don't count votes in counties he wins, change party or convention rules, etc. just whatever it takes. The same will be done to Rand and the candidate of their choice will win and they know this already. Don't fool yourselves again people, these parties and the msm media is controlled and that isn't going to change. John McCain and Mitt Romney are the last two Republican nominees, I mean c'mon.