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Due process

For it, as evident by my post. I think the confusion comes from our definition. in earned. in able to waived in a man is due his day in court and can waive by his own acts and deeds.

Why should anybody defend this mans rights when he waived them ?

Martyrdom is not a virtue, nor is it compatible with due process.

I ask this - When the people o flight 93 crashed the plane, killing the hijackers, did they violate the due process rights of the hijackers ? Or did the hijackers waive those rights when they attempted to use innocent lives for their own political gains ?

Dorner wanted to be tried in the court of public opinion, he had no respect for my life, my rights and our Constitution. I wont defend him or any of his acts, nor will condone the people of the neighboring community for how they solved the problems of the criminal LAPD. LAPD is the problem not the San Bernadino Sheriffs department.