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Comment: I'm excited about this. Any

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I'm excited about this. Any

I'm excited about this. Any step towards 3d printing innovations and discoveries is one step closer to not having to use the mega-corporations that controls most everything we need.

In the future, If I had a 3d printer and you didn't, I would just print you out one with (free) schematics from the internet. Think of it as decentralized distribution.

What would you need to buy from a store if you can 3d print most things you need? Why would you need to work 2 jobs to enjoy your lifestyle when you can work just 1 and have an advanced 3d printer?

I think of it as the next industrial revolution. The free market will bring about more comfortable lifestyle for more people through the combination of 3d printing/internet/sustainable homegrown food (that uses a machine to convert the plant matter into edible 3d printing material).

A libertarian should only get extremely excited about 3d printing possibilities.