Comment: Talking about the flaws in the Constitution is not treason

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Talking about the flaws in the Constitution is not treason

Who wouldn't want aspects of the Constitution clarified and amended? There is a lump of ignorant fools who do not understand what 'natural born citizen' means, who are ignorant of what was meant by 'general welfare', then there are the nefarious clauses - Supremecy Clause, Commerce Clause, etc that have been severely abused. Those parts that directly deal with the 3 branches need adjustments and refining.
But what can never be fiddled with are the 10 Amendments that deal with the Natural/God-given rights of the people and the sovereignty of the individual States. Talk is one thing, but the moment any legislation is presented either by the fed gov, state or local (city, township, municipality) authority that would abrogate a natural right, treason had occured, and those traitors who signed onto and introduced such legislation need to be arrested and tried for treason. And I believe 100% the punishment for treason must be death. I know many here would rather we contribute our earnings towards supporting these fiends forever in some security prison but I have a thing about wasting money needlessly. We squash, trap and kill roaches and rodents that dare enter our house and the same end result should befall those vermin who try to pollute our legislative houses.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison