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Comment: Getting from point A to point B

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Getting from point A to point B

To claim that you are not working in a Union is not well supported with evidence unless you do not use Federal Reserve Notes.

If you use Federal Reserve Notes, then you are in the Union of Members who use Federal Reserve Notes, it is a tight Union, and the few Scabs who cross the picket line are typically dealt with in typical Union fashion.

If the work is better then the fact that another Union, added to the Money Monopoly Union (we all work for The FED/IRS/Troops), and the pay is higher, and that specific person isn't running the show (Union) then in what way is that person not earning an honest living?

Does that person choosing to work at a place that happens to be "Unionized" (Criminal, but Legal, Monopoly) willfully perpetrate the crimes of fraud, threats of violence, or violence upon innocent people, or lend moral or material support to the Union criminals (who are legal), or in fact is the actual arrangement more a case of the worker being as exploited as any other worker in principle, if not in actual pay rate?

Where does the Union worker, as a worker, actually step over the line of moral conduct?

If you find that point of stepping over, then compare that to lending moral and material support to the criminals running The FED/IRS/Military Industrial Complex Crime Ring Union as We The People continue to use those fraudulent products sold by The Central Bank Union of Money Launderers.

If the idea is to get from Point A (crime made legal or Unions) to Point B (liberty) then one Union is obviously more powerful than the others so who is pointing fingers at who, for being a Union Man?