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Comment: My opinion..

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My opinion..

I believe that if 'individuals' agree to form a union, they have that right to do so. Just as a company has a decision making board, the workers should have a voice. Historically, unions have created/forced better/safer working environments, among many other things.

An individual starting a business should run the company as he/she sees fit. I whole-heartedly believe this. But historically, that often led to dangerous working conditions and death, sub-standard pay, etc. That could be overcome by free markets, where competition would invite better condition on its own. That would be preferrable if this nation did NOT rely on government, a government that actually promoted a true free market without corruption/payoffs.

I am opposed to unions having influence in politics, just as I am opposed to corporations having influence. I firmly believe 1 vote per person.. corporations and unions are NOT people.

There are many problems associated with my philosophy. Again, the owner should operate the company as he/she sees fit. If there is a union, and a new hire by choice does not want to belong to one, that employee would most likely yield the benefits of the union. If the worker has a different set of company guidelines, it may be disadvantageous for him/her not to join, again, creating another set of issues.

There are unintended consequences to everything. But as I consider myself liberty, I would have no right telling others that they may or may not choose to form/join a union.

This is one of the most difficult challenges that I have contemplated, due to this corrupt government meddling into the affairs of both companies and people. Fix the government and many problems will work themselves out.

Let the down votes commence. I would like perspectives if you do :-)

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul