Comment: glenn beck is a grade a ron paul ripoff

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glenn beck is a grade a ron paul ripoff

Anyone who has closely followed his "transformation" knows that he is the high priest in the church of demagoguery.

Sorry to the poster below me...but he isnt "waking up" he is trying to corral people who are slowly waking up and lead them astray. Confuse, divide/distract whatever you want to call it.....if you had watched the guy since the beginning you'd also know he never said a peep about the constitution, freedom and liberty, founding fathers, bill of rights, the fed etc etc etc before Obama got into office. Once he saw Ron Paul was catching on he, (or his handlers) seized the opportunity to jump ahead and be a pied piper for the neocons.

Im really quite fascinated by the guy. Go to my account and read my GB post from 2009 where I was pointing out how he was doubling down on his attempt to hijack the tea party.....the guy now calls himself a libertarian. He constantly cites Hayak, Rothbard and Mises. He constantly cites MLK and GHANDI as being his heroes....he talks about precious metal and the fed/hyperinflation etc....and now he is saying bring the troops home??? Who is he starting to sound like? Anyone? Aaaah thats right! Ron Paul!.......hell ya. So he must have endorsed him and gives him props all the time right? Given that he just sorta adopted pretty much his whole philosophy.....eeeeeagh, no. He bashes him ANY chance he gets. Why?

Please question beck's motives as I am certain they are sinister, he is one of the more dangerous of the neocon propagandists because he has convinced so many people he is anything but.

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