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Comment: Why so you have to lower your quality of life?

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Why so you have to lower your quality of life?

What do you have a vission of squating in a mud hut grubbing for worms?

Come on. Humans have done quite well for a very long time before the Rothschild false debt slavery, no the slaves think that the only quality life is bought in a corporation store. When in fact the goods are mostly posion in one way or another and the quality of life has lowered from my generation to this one.

Do some internet searching about off grid living, in city or rural areas. You can live free and have a top quality life if you choose. Just got to work to that end. What you focus on is what you get in life.

For example I was lookig at a hommade hydro ponic growing tower that looks neat to grow tomatoes or lettus in a city back yard or on a porch.