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Critical Thinking is Important...

Here's a few for you:

American Court lets murderer walk the streets with the rest of Society!

American President sentences American Muslims to DEATH without a Trial!

Shit like this REALLY cements my and almost everyone else's perception that you are a TROLL sent here to post inflammatory NONSENSE... Please stop getting your ideas from televised news! Please take the time to read past the Headlines and ask yourself questions like:

"What could they NOT be telling me?"

"Why would they want me to be OUTRAGED with Iran?"

"What Reason would our Government/"News Outlets" have for creating hostilities between our two nations?"

"Why are Iranians... the "Bad" people?"

"What is the HISTORY between America and Iran?"

"Where could I go to find out more than just what they tell me on "FOX" or "MSNBC" or "CBS" or Any of the Mainstream Media Outlets?"

"Maybe there is more to this story than you know?"

Honestly, any of these important Critical Thinking Questions would be a good launching point.

Victor Escobar