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Comment: A Red State Republican WASP Can No Longer Win POTUS

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A Red State Republican WASP Can No Longer Win POTUS

I am very certain that the GOP will choose Rubio in order to try and appeal to our changing population. However, I do no think it will work, because of the socialism and religious issues (i.e. our changing culture). Even a blue state, Republican such as Christie would lose.

A negative monetary/economic event could change everything of course. A lot will change by 2016.

People like Rand and myself are becoming "dinosaurs".

Did ya'll know that there are Progressives that think money should be viewed as a utility to do work and not something that is saved, hoarded or passed on? Anyway, I think they will have to change the definition of money in order for their communistic utopia to be realized. I just don't see how they will get other countries to agree to such an idea any time soon.