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Comment: we americans can be so dumb

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we americans can be so dumb

so where is the proof showing that the IRG released this image as the official proof that flight testing is underway ?

i just see a bunch of zionist controlled websites putting out rubbish articles about it.

the sydney morning herald -
contains no actual links to the article calling it a laughable fighter jet

the atlantic -
they actually have a link to the website showing an
image of the plane with the tagline

"طرح/ پرواز جنگنده قاهر برفراز دماوند"
which using babylon 10 translates to:
"The flight fighters over violent Azarbayejan"

so where is the actual news article stating who from the IRG presented it to the news khouznews

if its not from press tv i find it highly objectionable.
here is press tv video of the plane being presented

excerpt from the vid Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaking about the military developments:
"iran does not develop its defensive capabilities to violate the rights of others"

Do you see that daily paulers , When Ahmadinejad says "others" he means OTHER SOVEREIGN STATES!!!

We have never heard a single person in elected office nor in our military speak like that.

if only we as a nation and as a military respected "OTHERS"

my opinion is that all of this mess is pushed and propagandized to us all by people like Asher Moses- Technology Editor of syndey morning herald and Alexander Abad-Santos of the atlantic wire both very pro zionists publications.

the world would be better off if there was no agendas at all, but sadly iran is currently and has been smeared and removed from satellite after satellite until no voice of theirs will be heard , sound familiar people ?

I just think daily paulers should be more objectionable of where they get their news and what they spread before posting it on here because every click and every read counts towards turning the minds and hearts of men onto total war and tyranny.

one more point, who cares about images of working/non-working iran military hardware, if it's fake and phony then that's on iran because they will not be prepared for an attack, again this all just seems like a smear on iran to make people think less of them and how easy they would be to conquer.

my tax dollars need to be spent at home not abroad, thank you very much.

"He's this eccentric Ghandi-Like figure that you cant touch with the normal bribes that people respond to."
the man Doug Wead on DR. RON PAUL