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Comment: The Liberty Movement HAS NOT FAILED

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The Liberty Movement HAS NOT FAILED

It is just getting started. In any movement or marketing campaign for that matter, you have 4 basic demographics.
1. The Innovators. They are the ones leading the Charge. Ron Paul, Rothbard, Mises, Hayek, etc are all examples of innovators, though I dare say that there are too many to name all and all not so famous. Yet.
2. The Early Adopters. They are most of what the Liberty Movement is today. We're the ones who've tried Liberty out and like it. We understand what it is and how it benefits us in many ways.
3. The Early Majority. They are what we are shooting for as a movement. They are the ones who have been convinced by 1 & 2 to consider Liberty as an Option and have agreed to commit to it for a period (Term).
4. The Late Majority. They are the ones that will be kicking and screaming once they figure out the movement is catching on. However, once they experience Liberty and the fruits thereof, they end up adopting it as well.

We are in Stage 2 and heading into Stage 3. It is important to bring up Conspiracy Theories because so many have a negative view of it. A theory is a theory, conspiracy or not. My advice is if one looks interesting to you, attempt to test it using Objective and Proven methods like the Scientific Method. Don't try to Prove Negatives. And don't share it with those you wish to consider Liberty as an Option if you don't have your facts straight.

We have to Sell this thing called Liberty. Not many are familiar with it, but it is obviously the best Product on the Market. Why is it such a hard sale? Change. People are resistant to Change, so the best way to get them to switch is through Adoption. Convince them to try it out. Convince them that 2 years with Libertarians Representing them will bring great Transparency, and 10 years will bring Prosperity for most.

Sorry guiltyspark, I have to disagree. We are just few years past getting underway and need to recognize where we are in our journey and who we want to join us.