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How long? Almost 19 years

Well to start I am only 24 years old and my parents are diehard republicans.. I always considered myself 'republican' but never was too interested in politics because I couldn't agree with either side. I discovered Ron Paul on youtube in 2007 and it opened up my eyes to beliefs that I already had but never reflected enough to discover; my libertarian side. So it took me almost 19 years. I am very thankful that I did 'AWAKE' and I try and respectfully help others awake through intellectual conversations as often as possible. I say conversations, not debates, because I always try and keep my cool when others just get annoyed of being wrong and feeling anxious. Often people will disagree but cannot back up their beliefs with any substance. This usually helps my stance because they see how I keep my composure and stick to basic facts.. Anyways.

I wasn't ragging on Glenn for coming to know libertarians; I am happy that millions saw his interview with the judge. That is why I thanked you for posting the video. I have a new cautious respect for Glenn. for now

"When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty."

-Thomas Jefferson