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Comment: The primary difference between gold and Bitcoin...

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The primary difference between gold and Bitcoin...

Gold is susceptible to violence. Bitcoin is not.

When you rap your head around that, you will get that Bitcoin is the WMD of the liberty movement.

In order for precious metals to be used in the modern world as a serious currency, you have to have vaults to store it. Then we all have "accounts" with say and I can send you gold instantly, and goldmoney deducts my account and credits your account.

The problem is it exists in a physical location, and men with guns can march in there and ruin it. In fact it already happened. Goldmoney was threatened by governments to stop that practice, thus thwarting gold being used as money.

Governments will use force to destroy the markets ability to make precious metals money.

Bitcoin is immune to violence... well at least more so than Gold. Just like government can't kill the peer to peer bittorrent, they cannot kill the peer to peer bitcoin. Napster is like gold. Bitorrent is like Bitcoin. One pair are susceptible to men with guns. One pair are not.

When you get that. You get that Bitcoin is not only the investment of the century.... It is the WMD to the fiat/war/debt paradigm.
Protect your assets and profit from the greatest wealth transfer in history.