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You get what you put in, maybe?

As for "it shall be fine" - I meant the DP. Although the world will be, too. Humans might be wiped out...
Anyway, I enjoy the art posts very much. I feel artistic expression gives a human depth to the interactions here. And there is a certain "politics adrenaline" that presidential campaigns get to pumping, but no other politics can inspire the same pulse rate. It is OK, this is a LONG battle. When there is time to post what you had for breakfast, it is a blessing.
For me, I post about aquaponics every chance I get. I try not to be obnoxious, but I remain persistent. Today, another thread made the "hot topics" about someone's hydro system. This is what is most important to me now. I do not see a political solution to our troubles, I do not choose to put much time or effort into political efforts. And I'll bet I got more people turned on to aquaponics than Ron Paul got bills passed...
If you aren't having fun or getting what you're looking for, drive on, I guess. I think perhaps you are hyper-focused on politics, and failing to appreciate all the roses that bloom around here.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.