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According to the complaint

The complaint filed by Paul suggest there was a negotiation. Ron Paul reached out and was told - "It is for sale at the price of 880,000 dollars" That was for the name only, no content and no email list.
Seems reasonable to assume Ron Paul inquired about the name only, no content.
The current offer is for 250,000 dollars, with conditions for email list. Still no language suggesting the theft of property. The content is the property owned by the site, the name is owned by the UN and leased to the site.
At no time was any consideration made for the content, the real property of the site. Intellectual property and copyrighted material included.
If there was no negotiation how did the price go from 880,000 to 250.000 with conditions ?
As I read it the 50.000 dollar appraisal offered by Paul in his complaint was for reimbursement of site cost and proposed cost of content transfer. Nothing about content, the site's property.